Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How Quickly I Forget!

Lately I have been thinking about how "normal" my life is becoming. ( Not completely) but it is getting there! I can get up in the mornings get the kids ready for the day, work a little, exercise and even cook! All these things I seriously could not do for MONTHS! 7 to be exact.

I've gotten into my own world again and have already forgotten how lucky I am to have the desire to even wake up. I said to myself the other day "How Quickly I forget" about the things I couldn't do. I tried to think about how sick I was. I've tried to remember what things tasted like during chemo. I tried to remember how my soul was gone and I wasn't at all myself. I really have forgotten a lot of this! Now don't get me wrong I do remember some things and believe I will never forget the trauma of doctors, surgery, shots and the chemo that was put into my veins and would immediately make me sick!! However, it is almost like a blur! So maybe this is a good thing! Maybe this is what will help me heal and become a stronger person. Isn't it funny when things are going good or we are in a "normal schedule " where our lives feel calm we can't even fathom the dysfunction or hardships that can come. "How Quickly We Forget" I pray everyday I can be indebted to my life and remember how lucky I am to just have a normal schedule or the desire to even be around my children.

Just a little update! Hair coming in well....Oxygen Therapy almost finished healing great! Waiting to see when reconstruction will take place.

Again Love to you ALL... I think of all of you often.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taking in 100% Oxygen!

This is my 9th time doing the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. I can say I'm just now getting use to it.... The 1st day I didn't think I would last! It takes about 3 hours once I arrive at the hospital and approx 2hours 25 Min's in the Oxygen Chamber! I'm beginning to see a little improvement in the skin where it was radiated and so badly burned. My plastic surgeon saw me today and would like for me to complete 10 more sessions. Oh Man! This is no fun. Everyday I get up and have to drop off my kids somewhere and then I head to the hospital. My day is gone before I know it! My hopes are that my skin will respond and soak up 100% of this pure oxygen that is given to me. It is suppose to bring blood supply to the areas that no longer have enough for healing... So with that said I'm still not out of the daily doctor grin yet! I will meet with my Radiologist in a few weeks, have a PET scan in August and hopefully reconstruction by the end of the year. The daily tamoxifen I'm taking hasn't had to much side effects on me. Except I feel like I'm a 60 year old women who went through menopause (if you know what I mean) Not fun! But what else do you do? Everyday I wonder what would happen if I didn't take that tiny white pill but then I realize that this is not a question for me to be asking. So tomorrows another day same thing as today just one step closer to healing....Love to all of you...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The 4th of JULY 2009

I decided I needed to get away. I haven't been anywhere since November and I was really getting tired of just being in my home... So I packed up the crew and we left for a relaxing weekend in Northern Arizona where there are PINE TREES, COOL WEATHER, and NO HUMIDITY. Perfect.... All I wanted to do was Relax and that is what we did... Mitch and I getting ready to go to the cabin in Pinetop Arizona a beautiful 3 hour drive and your in the thick of Green Pines....

The boys in front of the cabin. With Mitch having a broken leg and not able to pack and carry anything Sweet Ethen helped me with Everything! The little get away would not have happened without him.

My Mommy came to join the fun (actually to get out of the 100 degree heat!)

Drake hiked down to the lake and realized that it was just to deep to get in!

Me and Maya Girl taking a break from playing in the creek by the cabin.

The kids sitting on the back porch What amazing weather...70 degrees no humidity pure bliss!
A much needed break.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Starting "The Pill"

Tomorrow I will start Tamoxifen. This drug will be taken 2x's per day for 5 years! Besides the many side effects I might have it will be a constant reminder that cancer is going to be part of my life for a long time. Sometimes when I think about it I'm thankful that I am done with treatment and ONLY have to take one tiny white pill. I am in awe that a tiny white pill can do so much to supress this cancer and improve the survivability rates of so many women. I know that it is saving my life and I'm grateful that if I had to have cancer, I had it at this time when this particular drug is available to women with my diagnosis. So need I complain about starting
"The Pill?" No not at all.... I will keep you posted on the dreaded side effects
(1 being menopause. It's bad enough the boobs have to be taken but early menopause? Oh Man!!!!) to be Continued....