Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last week I was able to see a licensed esthetician and have a little permanent pigmentation done. Basically I see it like a permanent tattoo for the areola! A little more maybe for my readers to know but again this is for me to document and look back at my experiences and help others. With that said it truly is the icing on the cake! It camouflages a lot of the scars and was completely worth the effort of completing me! Now that that's done (one more final touch in a few weeks) I will have Surgery #9 to "debulk" fat from under my arm and transfer to the front where the breast area con caves. This is a 3 hour procedure but again I'm use to this. I'm not worried just ready to complete the process. I could stop now and be done but I feel I might as well complete what my plastic surgeon started and created. So for now that's it on the reconstruction side. Fat grafting and debulking... doesn't that sound fun?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A much needed vacation was planned for us! We had the help of some incredible friends that allowed us to hang with them and it will be memories that will last forever. If you had told me last year that I would be with my children and husband on the beach for a week doing next to nothing and feeling great I'd say I don't believe you and that my life will never be back to normal. Well whatever normal is I experienced it. One year later...I will never forget the time with my mother, children, husband and true friends! Here is a sneak peak of our time in Mexico. It's about a 3 hour drive from AZ. The Sea of Cortez is beautiful! Warm water where the kids swim all day, sun shine no clouds, just about every sea creature you can find and sea shells galore! Just fun times and who knew AZ was so conveniently close to a beach!

all of us basking in the sun with SPF50 on!

Beautiful site to see that day...

view from our condo

My little man...

We would buy Mango's on a stick from vendors here is a picture of them on the beach selling fruit and Mexican Popsicles.

My mommy with little Maya and her best friend Ava

our amazing friends who have now got us "hooked" on this place

Drake and Tori enjoying seriously the best ice cream ever!

My friend "E" who I love dearly,,,

Drake and Boston had a great time together...

Ethen and Owen loved catching those crabs!

Owen saved me several times with Maya... She would go to him when I was needing a break!

My mommy went with us! She even enjoyed the sun and fun

An evening walk on the beach with little Maya and daddy

Look at the ripples in the sand this was breathless, I so enjoyed every minute of this

Drake was non stop from morning to night! Couldn't get enough of the beach

Ethen bought this shark tooth neckless from a guy selling these on the beach. He was so excited to have a "real" shark's tooth!

No other words....Pure Bliss