Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Pet Scan Approved By My Insurance!

When I was 1st diagnosed with Cancer the first concern for the doctors was to get the cancer out! When I meet with my original Oncologist he ordered a Pet Scan. I had no problem with insurance approval. I remember it being sort of a long test but at that time I was so out of it I was just going through the motions. After my chemo was completed my oncologist ordered another Pet Scan and at that point because I was in the "clear" of being cancer free (from the mastectomy & chemo) I was denied. I excepted that and had every other test comparable to the Pet Scan I could. ex. Bone Scan, Muga Scan, CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound. Now does that make sense? They wont pay for a Pet Scan which is the King of all Cancer tests but I can take 5 other test which probably cost the same if not more! Just outrageous!

After I switched oncologist she fought for me to have this test and didn't give up. I was able to have this test last week and results= CLEAR! things look good all over! fluid build up in the breast area but is believed to be from all the surgeries. We hope to redo this test and compare in 3 months. So for now its all good. What a relief.

The testing room I went into had this sign on the door and I was not allowed to talk during the time this radioactive stuff was injected into my body. So I text a little and read a little... "Eat Pray Love" and by then 1 hour was up and I went into the room for the scan.

So glad I'm not claustrophobic. Such a small hole I stayed in for a lengthy time!

And it was over ... So happy it was done... I'm healing doing well with recovery and trying to enjoy everyday. I haven't had this much peace in a long time. No thoughts about doctors, surgery, lab work etc. Just me time...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today has been one of the better days of recovery. This surgery set me back a little. I cant seem to understand why except maybe my ribs were involved this time and I was extremely sore because of the added nips and tucks!

Maya begged me to take her swimming. I did not want to at all. I just looked at her and could not say no. So many times before I had to let my time with her go because of no will power/motivation/energy etc... We sat in the pool just the two of us and talked about bugs, sang songs and blew bubbles. After a while I found myself just staring at her and an overwhelming feeling came over me. She was my Angel sent from Heaven. Oh how I love her....