Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Could not get enough of Hayden!

My Nephew Hayden flew out all by himself fromVA to visit us here in AZ. We had such a great time with him.... What a sweet boy he is and boy do my kids love him. We miss you Hayden!

Summer Time... Does it have to End?

The week of the 4th of July we went to SanDiego. We stayed in LaJolla CA. We had a great time with the children. My sister Leslie and her family joined in the fun for a week. Oh! Nannie too! We rented a beach house and spent time on the beach, went to LegoLand and ate, ate, ate!

The fireworks were amazing! This has been a tradition for Mitch and I every year to hit LaJolla and enjoy the 4th. The funniest moment is when the fireworks kept going on forever....and Cole Leslie's 4 year old said..."how do you turn those off". See the pictures it tells it all...

Maya who is now 18 months enjoyed herself to! She mostly sat on the towel at the beach. She did not like the sand... (that was good for me!)

How This Blog Stuff All Started....

Okay, I guess you could say I gave into peer pressure to start "blogging" like everyone else!
I did not think I'd have the time, but realized that my days are full of funny moments that need to be recorded.
I also thought this would be a good way of touching base with family and friends who I do not talk to often. This way they will be able to see the life of the "CluffCrew" and maybe relate to our everyday experiences....

This summer was good for us. We had a schedule which made my life easier.... Since it's so hot in the summer we consume ourselves with the pool! Every morning we would wake up and begin our day with Swim Team and Swim Lessons. If we were not doing that then we were with cousins Cole & Logan which my children can not live with out! We enjoyed lots of playdays with them swiming and well... swimming... Do they ever get tired of it? No!

This year Ethen started swim team... At first was not to sure about it all... But by the end of the season he went to Championships. He placed 4th in Backstroke and 6th in Freestyle... This was out of 16 boys ages5&6. Way to Go Ethen!

Drake did swim lessons for 2 sessions... And he actually learned how to swim! I have to give his brother Ethen the credit for it to. He worked with him everyday in our pool playing "swim team. I think he got real motivated and decided to just finally go under water. Now he is a little fish and really has learned a good technique to swimming.

Maya is still learning how to walk. She has Physical Therapy each week and is a pistol with her PT. She never wants to do anything for her but will after she leaves!!! Here is a cute video of her walking..