Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Olympics Cluff Style

The Summer Olympic Games must have left a huge impression on the boys... As I was sitting out by the pool in the 100 degree heat... YES STILL 100 degrees! I started recording this very funny clip... Ethen & Drake both think they are Michael Phelps! watch and see...

I have a helper!

Never thought this would happen so soon! Yes, It is Maya already willing to help me with folding the laundry! I came back to the room to bring more clothes and this is what she did for me! (Caution-underwear exposed!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

FRIENDS.....& FAMILY.... Can't live with out them!

I just felt like I needed to express my feelings now before I forget how good I feel! Within the last couple of days I got some "not so good news" about myself and before I knew it I was overwhelmed with the amount of kindness that has been shown. Just the simple chats and phone calls by all of you are too amazing. Sometimes this is a good way of realizing what is most important in life and that is ... Our Family & Friends.

So I again wanted to say "Thanks" to all of you ...brothers, sister, mom, dad, friends, friends, friends and friends. (Those who have left notes, dropped by to give me exactly what I needed a 44 oz diet Dr. pepper. always is a plus!) Here's to you! You all are the best!

All my love,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hey Everyone! Maya's Learned Two New Things!

1st one: Is to Take off her pants in Chick fil-A.... I got up to refill my 32 oz Diet Dr. Pepper and left her at the table with my mom... Well when I got back my mother said Maya just handed me her pants! Of course I had my Nikon Coolpix with me and snapped away! I was so proud that she could do this! Even if it was in public... It did not matter to me... This is a mile stone for her to balance herself... while lifting each leg... and taking off her pants...

2ND: As many of you might know Maya has been working with her Physical Therapist for 5 months now to learn to walk and become stronger in her upper body... Of course when her PT comes to visit she will not participate. However, she is starting to have a better attitude about this. This week she has been standing by herself without assistance.. Tonight she just started to walk across the playroom floor.. I could not believe it so I ran got my camera and began to record. This is amazing for her. If you notice she even turned herself around. Her PT will be so proud.. I just know shes not going to do this at her next appointment so I have proof to show her that she really did it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Okay, This is the 2nd year that Mitch has bought season tickets to the Arizona State Football Games in Tempe, AZ. Last season Ethen & Drake were obsessed with going to the games. After each game they would play "ASU" & "Marching Band" with halftime in between. Now that the season has started up again this is what I get to see every day either in the house or in our back yard with Maya now being the cheerleader! This is going to be a long season...... Play video to see the real thing!

Whoooo Drake's In School!

Thought September 2nd would never come! This has been such an exciting time for Drake and mixed emotions for me. Today was his 1st day of preschool. As you can see he had to wear his socks all the way up & a sweat band which he says "gives him power!" This is Drake's style that I try not mess with.... It started out a little ruff. He begged me not to leave & said that the kids were to loud. (imagine that... too loud!) He just could not handle the departure of his mother but after 30 minutes I left and he ended up having a good day with Mrs. Lisa his preschool teacher. Great Job Drake for sticking it out!

Political Moment!

I guess you could say Mitch and I are really into the news lately. With Barack Obama this... and McCain that... Well , you never know when your children are paying attention to what you watch on T.V. or discuss with each other... Mitch had a picture of an African American Man blessing a baby in church (he is a Sunday School Teacher) and Drake asked ... "who is that person in the picture"? Mitch then said "who do you think it is Drake?" Drake said with confidence
"Oh! That's Barroc Oboma!" Shows that children see & hear everything! This is a picture of the children getting ready for church which is such an adventure EVERY SUNDAY! (Drakes to the left)

Love my nephew's & niece!

When I was in VA./MD/D.C. attending my 20th reunion. I got to spend some wonderful time with my brothers 3 kids... I just have to say that they are the most loving, kind, sweet children I've ever been around. I enjoyed every minute with them. See the pictures it shows!..Hayden Left...Perry Right... Taylor is my niece. She is not in the picture but she drove me in her Smart Car! Boy was that a moment! How can it be that she's 16? I sure remember when I was 16... life was so fun! Sure miss you guys! Love you too much...