Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maya's Pre-Op

Miss Maya had her pre-op for the next surgery in her right hip.  Because of the "bony" issues she has with her dysplisa the doctor has concern for her spine and neck.  I'm happy to report that for NOW her neck looks good and no fusion needs to be done at this time.

So we will move forward March 5th for the next phase of her hip.  She is a trooper!  She told the doctor that when she was done with surgery she was going to "DaNcE"  to funny...

I watched her yesterday play in my room and noticed how content she is playing with a baby doll and a remote control.  Life for her is so happy.  It reminded me again to be happy for the little things. Be grateful for everything!

Life is good~

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3 Years Ago

I've been reflecting on the past 3 years and how far I have come.  For example, less doctor appointments, less pain and less thoughts of how hard having breast cancer was for me.  I realized that I truly can do hard things!  So when I complain about the things I have to do currently in my life I go back to how hard it was for me 3 years ago and my perspective becomes so much clearer!

3 years ago:  I can do hard things!