Monday, August 25, 2008

20 Years! Where Did They Go!

This past weekend I got to fly back to Washington D.C. to attend my 20th High School Reunion. I farmed out the children... Packed my bags... and flew out for a 4 day weekend.

If you think about it 20 years was actually a long time ago.... I'm in denial that 20 years have come and gone.

High School... I have a memory of my last days ... I'm here to say that the memory is only a memory... I felt like I was in a twilight zone! With 80's music playing in the background... Home Town of Waldorf, MD still looking the same... and my classmates... well lets just say..."we all change"!Wow... What an experience! I had a blast seeing old friends and trying to remember who some of them were.
As you can see my classmates just might have had a hard time remembering me as well.
Here's to the 80's! Big Hair & Blue Eye Shadow. These were good times!

Friday, August 15, 2008

What Great Memories!!!

I have such an incredible group of friends that I have the honor to share hours of enjoyment with once a month. We get together have some dinner and laugh our heads off until we decide to do 1 or 2 rounds of Bunco. Here I am sharing some good times! The neat thing about our friendship is that each one of us is so supportive of each other and are always willing to help each other out. I truly love these girls!

Maya Loves Chocolate!

This morning I was trying to find something Maya would eat for breakfast since she eats like a bird. I was giving her little bits of yogart, handful of Cheerios. I left for a few minutes to return to her enjoying something that was not yogurt! Drake decided to feed her chocolate which suited her fine. (At least she will eat veggies!)

Drake Got Caught!

Okay... When it's quiet in my house you know that is not good. I decided to look for the Drake and found him in my makeup. When I caught him it must have really hurt his feelings because he could not keep himself from crying.... All I did was get my makeup remover wiped his face and we never talked about this again... we just went on with our day.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Franklin Came To Visit!

Tonight the boys got to see a long lost friend. Franklin who use to stop by the house last summer has decided to say hello. I guess it is the Arizona Monsoon with Arizona Humidity that brings him by to catch some food. Drake keeps saying how sad he is because Franklin is without his Mom & Dad. (He is still at that age where he actually worries about mom & dad). Anyways, this is what I got to do on a Friday night. Every few minutes checking on the frog who decided to visit us!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baby Grant's Day!

Today, We had the privilege to spend the day with my sister Leslie and her family. Grant was blessed in their church. It was a beautiful blessing given by his father Nick Miller. Grant was cute as a button! After the service we went back to my sister's home and had a nice lunch with my parents, Matthew & Denise. Mitch and I were so relaxed that we could not get ourselves to leave... The kids played nonstop and we enjoyed watching Maya try to feed Grant his bottle. What a good little mother she is going to be. Congratulations Grant! We love you! Welcome to the World!