Friday, December 30, 2011

Giuliana Rancic talks double mastectomy: ’It was hell’

Giuliana Rancic talks double mastectomy: ’It was hell’

It is hell and it sucks
and the immobility really never goes away
I feel so sorry for her
 I know how she feels

But this is the reality of removing your breast and having reconstruction
 it's no walk in the park!  It's a long process to be put back together

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Holidays~My Children Keep Saying... It's taking forever!

Random pictures of what we have been doing these past 3 weeks.  We started the holiday season right after Thanksgiving by putting up the Christmas tree and lights.  This is when our children become so hyper for weeks!  I remember being the same exact way as a child so I try to be patient.
We went to Lego land right after my 3day in San Diego.  It was all decorated for Christmas.  Super Cute! All the Legos were made of Santa's, Presents and Raindeer.

We have done a few cookies and will finish up Christmas Eve.  Maya is a little Betty Crocker!  She is such a perfectionist!  Every cookies was perfect!
This is my most favorite part of the holidays. My family receiving cards from old friends, family and neighbors. I love it!

I'm ready to relax and enjoy Christmas Day in my PJ's. Happy Holidays to all my readers! Hope it is a wonderful Christmas for you.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DAY 3 Will I Do This Again?

Here I am on the home stretch.  About 4 more miles to go.  It was getting cold and rainy.  I was tired and could not wait to finish.  I just kept relating this final 4 miles to my final Chemo.  Bitter Sweet.  I knew it was important to finish what I started but at the same time wanted to stop right then and there!  I found myself walking slower and slower. My feet began to feel hot spots which = blisters.
 During those last few miles walking I thought back to the day I had my mastectomy and was told that the cancer had spread to 5 lymph nodes and that Chemo & Radiation was necessary.  My whole world changed in that moment.  I never thought I'd be fighting this fight 3 years later but walking 60 miles instead.  NEVER SAY NEVER!
This lady was at every cheering station.  Starting on the 1st day. The supporters really help keep walkers staying motivated...

In the end this experience was like no other.  Words can not describe the feelings I had during those 3 days on my feet from  6am to 6pm.

Here is what I do know and will never forget!

-There were many survivors just like me! Who were there to help make a difference
-Witnessing the dedication of the walkers
-Walking with 2 great friends who I love and adore
-Walking in at the closing ceremony as a survivor and completing the 60 miles was an amazing feeling
-The other walkers cheered us on and then honored us with taking off one shoe! An incredible site to see
  very emotional for me
-San Diego community support -was incredible! The amount of people taking 3 days to follow (walker stalkers) us and cheer us on as we are walking  showed such dedication and made me feel so appreciated
-It is an amazing feeling to know that so many people are fighting the fight together
And now for the exciting news!
San Diego Raised over 9 million dollars for 2011
My team raised over 7,000 dollars
I personally raised over 2,600 dollars

So will I do this again?
I'm Not Sure Yet
I'll make that decision after my feet heal.
Love to all my friends!
Thank you for the donations and support

The End

Thursday, December 1, 2011

DAY 2 EVEN HARDER= Slow Motion

Day 2: I felt like I was in slow motion. I would say that I'm physically active. I run and lift weights but for some reason walking this many miles puts a different kind of stress on the body. For me my feet were not working to well the 2nd day but I kept moving every mile! This was the morning view from leaving camp. The walkers at Mission Bay stretched back miles! Loved this view.Here I am about 1/2 way. Made it from Mission Beach to Ocean Side. I knew I only had 10 more miles to go but it was a L O N G 10 miles for me. But again, the views and the community support kept me and my team going.

The Remembrance Tent.

Each tent represents a city where the 3 day has been this year. It was a beautiful site to see this over the bay. Very touching to and sad.

Here is our tent! That morning was cold and again I could hardly walk!

The community supporters are unbelievable! People from all over come out to support walkers. They thank each of the walkers for participating. It was a great boost to your esteem! This day we walked right by Sea World. Some of the performers at Sea World thanked us as we walked by the entrance~!

Another community supporter with her owner.

Day 2 was completed. 40 miles done! I only had 20 more miles to go!

Day3: tbc