Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sometimes I just don't have it. Today was really really really really hard for me to get myself moving. I wish I could see some kind of results Physically! I know that isn't everything because I'm super Healthy and Strong. My endurance is getting better everyday. The 90 degree weather was a little tough though! So I'm going to have to either get up super early (NOT a morning person at all) or Do it at Night which is hard to do with Kids! So I will continue til it hits 100 Degrees

thanks for your donations!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Maya gets Tubes!

I've always heard that if your child gets lots of ear infections that they probably will need tubes. Maya has had only 2 ear infections. However, her preschool tested her hearing and she failed 2 different times. I had noticed that she kept saying "what did you say?" So when they notified me I wasn't real surprised. She first went to the pediatrician and had her ears flushed. Her hearing was retested and she didn't respond real well to the hearing test. She was then referred to the ENT. She had a much more extensive hearing test done.
Results: "Fair" So the doctor made the decision to place tubes in her little ears.

She quietly waited for the doctor and was so calm about the whole thing. I thought when they took her away from me she would freak because she is so attached to my hip!

Good experience... So far so Good. She hasn't asked once..."what did you say?"

Love this sweet angel...

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm really trying hard to be consistent with my running and walking for the 3 day. It is so hard for me because I sometimes like to find other things to do with my time. However, I decided when I'm out running I will look for things around me that are BEAUTIFUL to me... A good way to keep me going. So this week this is what I found.
Its amazing how many things I could find.

My shadow followed me the whole run around my neighborhood.

On my way back from running I was outside and saw this gecko on my house. I Never use to pay much attention to these little critters but thought wow!! he's a cutie...

I run this 3 mile strip quite often and on my way back thought this view was breathtaking to me. See that mountain in the background? That's called the San Tan Mountains. That's how far I live from this picture... Go Me!

I'm so happy to be healthy enough to take care of myself. Running clears the fogginess in my head (from that Tamoxifen).
Next week the P E T scan.
Results: TBA
Please friends think about donating to my 3day Walk in November...I'm at 36% funded. I have some amazing friends...

Friday, March 11, 2011

In 3 Day Training Mode / YouTube Info~

I'm starting to train for the 3 day. Just building my endurance... 20 miles each day is a lot to me! So I decided to get started now.

The weather is incredible in the early evening so I'm taking advantage of it while I can in AZ.

Thank you again to those who have donated in my name. I am very grateful.

I only need...$1800 more!

Also here is an interesting link to getting tested before Cancer finds you!

Being PROACTIVE is what saves lives.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

11 Donations so far... That's really amazing...

Within 48 hours of asking my friends and family to help me with the 3 Day Cure I had 11 donations come in. I felt so humbled and grateful to those that wanted to help. I didn't know what to say. These donations have come from the best of friends to friends I haven't seen in 20 years.

xoxo to you all.

to my other friends... Please think about helping me. In some way. Your donation is going to help someone else survive! Remember I'm alive because of Modern Medicine and Research that has been done....

No one else should have to go through this!