Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Change In Plans!

My reconstruction surgery to put the expander back into the radiated breast area was scheduled for December 9th, I wasn't wanting to do this before Christmas but had no choice with Insurance issues and the end of the 2009. On Monday I went in to see my doctor and go over my surgery date, medications, etc.... Dr. Boll came in looked at me and within seconds she said "Change in Plans". Your skin is so tough and tight. There is no way an expander is going to be able to go in." I just didn't heal well and this is the terrible thing about Radiation. Its different for many people but for me I probably had the worse case for skin that can not be worked with.

This means only one thing! SKIN Graft or Reconstruction Using Back Tissue:
When back tissue is used for breast reconstruction, it involves the latissimus Dosi muscle, along with the skin and fat that covers the muscle. This procedure is called a latissimus Dosi (LD) flap. The tissue from my back is removed and moved to the front of my chest, with the arteries and veins still attached. Since most women do not have enough fatty tissue on their back to recreate a breast using only the LD flap I will have an implant put in that same day.

8 hour surgery....6 week recovery...4 day stay in hospital. Lovely! Because of the length of surgery I am happy to say it has been moved to Dec28th right before the New Year so hopefully Ill get it ALL in before the new insurance issues arise in 2010...

So for now this is a quick up date.. More to come later... Hope you all are Happy and Doing Well. I think of you all often.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

5 Years Ago Today...

I had DRAKE!
My sweet boy that I wanted so bad.
I had tired with many failed attempts to have him.
After my 5th InVitro try I saw that embryo float right into my uterus! Kinda detailed but that is exactly what I got to see! With Technology I was able to see him embed into my uterus and hope that he would stay. What a Miracle it was. He has been such a joy to Mitch and I. He is just like Denis the Mince! But everyone who meets him just adores him. We had a party for him Saturday and that was just enough for him! So Grateful to the Lord for my Children that I thought I'd never have...I Love you Drake!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I mentioned before that their were several things I felt were not a 100% with me after meeting with my oncologist last month. So I did a lot of sole searching and felt in my heart I needed to follow through with a 2nd opinion about the places seen on my kidney, my tamoxifen I'm taking for 5 dreadful years and several other medications that I'm taking that might be interfering with my med's (for example... my Happy Pill!)

Any ways, I met with a women Oncologist who was referred to me by my dearest friends and oh how grateful I am for this! This Doctor was an angel sent from heaven. She went over everything I have gone through, reviewed my medications, talked about all the side effects Chemo does to a person for years after treatment and what the tamoxifen can do to Pre menopausal women. The answers were pretty much what I thought but what reassurance it was and to have someone really listen to what I was concerned about.

So for now unless I want my ovaries and uterus taken I will have to continue with tamoxifen and deal with the side effects I am experiencing. So sad I have to work out almost 7 days a week just to maintain my weight for now. The weight gain and irritability is the worst. There are other side effects but I just wont discuss!!!!

What a connection I had with this doctor. The funny thing is after talking with her we found out she was from Roanoke VA (where my parents are from) and she grew up and went to school there. I knew there was something eastern about her!Check Spelling

So for now I'll keep doing what I'm doing. Several test to do this month and then I will review results with her in December. The next thing to come is... The beginning of reconstruction. Ugh! Mixed feelings about this. I want to move on but don't want to endure the pain again. I'm tired of looking at a sunken in chest with my arm pit dug out like a pumpkin! So it's time to begin again. I don't mean to complain I know how lucky I am and I'll continue to say that....

Love you all!!!