Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Memories.....All the things We did...

This is a recap of our Halloween activities...I was able to really enjoy them this year.
Here is Sweet Maya....She loved getting dressed up for Halloween 2009

Trying to get a picture of them facing the camera was impossible!

Ethen the Vampire~~ Drake Harry Potter

On Halloween Morning the boys had soccer games... Here is Me and Maya at the games....

Ethen after playing so hard... He was not happy to get a picture. Way to tired.

My boys wanted to spray there hair blue & white for the team colors!

Both boys scored 3 goals!!! Excellent players.

They were so proud of what they did! Carving the Pumpkins was quite a site...

This year we decided to get a head start on carving
pumpkins the week before Halloween. We had so much fun carving them. As I was patiently helping the kids I found myself saying "now remember this time last year you didn't get to do this!" So it helped me keep things in perspective and not be so impatient with them. (Even when the pumpkin mess was about all I could take!!!!) Good Memories, Good Times. So Thankful to the Lord that I am able to witness these memories....Life will never be the same for me. Again my life was spared for these special times. Love you all!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MAUI... My Own Get A Way!

I got to get away for 4 days with my mom and sister. We stayed at the Ritz in Maui. Just an amazing time to relax, relax, relax. Mitch took care of the kiddos and I was able to let go of all the stress that has come in the last year. My sister had asked me during my chemo treatments if I wanted to get away when I was done with all my treatments. At that time I could hardly comprehend that this day would even come. My mind could not rap around the thoughts that Life would be somewhat normal to do a trip like this. I told her I'd love to go so she arranged the trip. I truly appreciate her arranging this. It was pure Bliss!

View of the restaurant off the ocean.

Me, my sister and my mommy!~~

Wonderful Virgin Pinacolada. Sipping while taking in the constant ocean breeze!!! The water was so clear and warm. I actually got in!

Here is one of views from our room.

My sister and I after arriving at the Ritz. We got these black beaded necklaces after checking into the hotel . The hotel was located at the very end of the Island in Maui. Quite and Secluded. It was just what I needed. I had lots of time to think and was able once again realize how grateful I am for Life! Dispite the many challenges I still have and will have in the future I saw such incredible beauty in everything. What a great time I had with my sister and mom. We enjoyed each other and laughed all the time. Something I needed to do for a long time.
Love~ Love ~Love you guys!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Great Experience! Thousands of people just an amazing site! Cant believe I was able to do this...Within one year after several surgeries, chemo, radiation, 20 hyperbaric treatments here I am! It was pretty emotional.

This is me and Charlene. We are both survivors! We were able to walk together. Our dear friend Monda joined us too!

My 2 nephews and niece before the race. Ethen just had to participate! His sign says in honor of my mommy!

My dad, Brother in law Nick, Sister in law Denise and their children

My sister Leslie and my brother Matthew joined me in the walk

This is me, Ethen and my sweet nephew Cole after walking

Little Drake waiting for me to be finished with the 1 mile walk...He missed me!

Mitch, My Mom, Drake and Maya cheering me on.