Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Surgery Date Set, 2nd Set of Tests Cancer Free!

I spoke with a nurse today to go over my surgery date for Monday Dec 28th. She asked me if I was excited! I thought for a second yeah, kinda, no not really.... Then she said Oh its more than just and implant surgery thats why it's over 6 hours. I thought don't remind me.... But anyways it's set for 5:30 am for me to arrive. Oh what Fun.... I will keep in touch.... Text me if you want I'd love to hear from any of you..... 602 625-8124 Even if I'm a little High I'll still enjoy texting...

Also, I met with my oncologist Thursday... So far so good! Cancer Free in Breast Area, and Pelvis. I did have to have an ultrasound today to look at the ovaries one more time to get a closer look. Better safe than sorry. So I'm up to my ears in co pays so hopefully I'll get a little break from doctors for a while since all looks good!

Love you guys...

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Good Reminder...From My Mommy

My mother is the type of person who often keeps her opinions to herself, is a good listener and lets me just vent without giving me lots of advice. However today I began to complain to her a little. I started out by saying to her ~If I hadn't burned from radiation so badly I would not be preparing for this 8 hour surgery to try and fix my boob with my own skin.~If I could have only reacted Normal to radiation like other people do I would have just the basic reconstruction with no extra scars.

She stopped me before I could continue any more and said..." You are alive!!!" "You are alive!" Be thankful for that.

Knowing my scars will be a constant reminder of the cancer I had. And that no matter how much reconstruction I have to put me back together again, I will never look the same. I could not complain or say anything else at that moment...She quickly gave me a good reminder of what's important. I'm alive.....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Back to Doctor Appointments...

Here I go again! Not Complaining! It's for my own good... I need to continue following up with the doc's so that I can stay cancer free and get this breast issue over with!

Today I had a FULL BODY CAT SCAN... I had to begin drinking 2 24 oz bottles at 7:30 am. It made me feel so sick. I just started remembering how I felt during chemo treatments and I could hardly get threw the day with out crying. The scan took about 30 minutes . I will know the results Thursday.

Tomorrow I go to the Reconstruction Doctor. We will go over the "plan" take the before pictures, go over the incision that will be done on each side of the breast as well as the incision from my back. Huh.. Not Fun..

Then Thursday I will meet with my Oncologist go over my lab work and Cat Scan Results.

Wish Me Luck!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

This Time Last Year...

Today I was thinking about this time last year and what has happened in my life. I was so overcome with emotion because I could not stop thinking about 3 friends who were so selfless and took my children into there home helped me in every way possible while I was beginning my 1st treatment of chemo and still recovering from my mastectomy. I have realized that there is so much good in everything. No matter how terrible my experience was and the sadness that came with it the good prevails! Last year I could not see the good. I just existed and went threw the motions. But this year I see such good and I am so thankful for that.
Well Friends... Love to all of you.