Thursday, March 22, 2012

She Truly Is A Miracle

 Maya was born a complete surprise!  12 weeks along and I didn't even know I was pregnant!  Because I was told I couldn't have children without IVF help we never thought this would happen.  Then after she was born we were told she had a skeletal dysplisa which would cause her bones to not grow properly.  When she was 18 months old I got Cancer!  I had to put Maya's medical issues on hold for a while and get well so that as she got older we could tackle the problems that might come with her dysplisa.  At the age of 4 the doctors began to see what was happening.  Her hips were not growing properly and the muscle attached wasn't growing at all!  So then it was time to make the decisions for her. 3 surgeries to correct this problem.  At times I was down because it was 1st my issues then her medical problems. I felt like I didn't have a break!  After the 1st surgery I learned a lot about Maya's strenght and toughness!  But now I see she is truly a miracle!  She tries to do everything on her own. She never complains and will sit for hours just cutting out little pieces of paper.  All I want to say is she came to our family for a reason.  I am still learning to be grateful for everything that has been given to me.  I'd be lying if I said this experience has been so easy and wonderful!  It hasn't.  It's hard on me to watch her in pain and to wonder what her future will be.  But for now I will say to myself that she truly is a Miracle and be good with that.