Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have Desire!

It's amazing now that I feel good I have a desire to do things. For example taking pictures!!! For months my desire to do anything was gone. I had very little excitement in anything. This past week I decided to start taking pictures of my family so that I can remember Good Times! It's so nice to feel good!!!

Here is Maya 21/2 not wanting me to get a picture of her... Isn't she so cute?

Ethen didnt want a picture either before soccer practice but he sure is a sweet kid!

My boys at the Cardinals vs. Colts game last week. No we are not fans of the AZ Cardinals! The Boys are in LOVE with Peyton Manning!

Me and Mitch. Love this Guy!

This is Drake. He just had to wear his new Halloween Shirt and begged me to spray his Hair Blue. Months ago I would have said NO I don't feel like it but I actually got into making him a full Mohawk!!!

My Desire is Back...
I love my kids!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My 1st Year Cancerversary!

This time last year I was given the news.... "You have Cancer!" My life would never be the same again. Not only Physically but Mentally. However, I believe I beat the Beast! I can not express the bitter sweet emotions I have. Would I like to go down this road again? No! But I have to say I feel so blessed in other ways for going through this Journey. Kinda sounds weird I know but I am blessed with LIFE! I wake up in the morning and actually am happy for the day (until my kids wear me out!). I can't express how grateful I am for health and energy. Not a day goes by that I don't think about how lucky I am.

Who would ever have thought I'd be so healthy to do the RACE FOR THE CURE as a survivor in Phoenix Arizona on October 11th! What A Miracle! I truly Love YOU all....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tests Results Are In!!!

What a relief! Met with the oncologist today. All scans came out clean! No sign of CANCER in the bone, breast or surrounding areas where I had my breast removed...I will have followup scans in December. There are 2 small places on my kidneys. The size is not to concerning they just need to watch it and see if it gets any bigger. For now things look good!

I tell ya... Walking into the office today brought back such bad memories! The smell was all I could handle! Their is something about the smell of a chemo room that makes me gag!

Unfortunately I was not able to get the PET Scan because my insurance wont cover the claim. Its so expensive. My Dr feels that all the tests I have had gave him are a clear reading and for now and things seem good. Since I wasn't able to get a PET scan and they did find 2 cysts. I am thinking of going to another Oncologist for a 2Nd opinion. I think I should see if they can fight a little harder for me to have this important test...I'm kinda disappointed that my current oncologist didn't do this for me. He knows the long road I had this past year I would think he would want me to have this test done ....So I am looking into this. Its a risk I don't want to take!

The tamoxifen I take 2x's a day is just going to be a 5 year issue for me. Weight Gain, Depression, You name it! I cant risk not taking it! The other choices I was given did not out weigh these side effects so I just have to live with it!

As each day goes by I find that I'm more and more myself. How happy I am to say this! I look back and wonder how did I get through this? What a challenge I was given. I try everyday to just be happy for feeling good! It's so easy to get caught up in life and for me to be negative about so many things. I pray everyday that my new focus on life will be on just the simple enjoyable things like having energy, appreciating my husband, enjoying every minute I'm with my children .... so for now... I will take somewhat of a break get a 2ND opinion and ENJOY~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tests, Tests and More Tests!

Never Ending!

  • Mammogram: DONE

  • Xray of the chest: Done

  • PET SCAN: Insurance Denied! Can you believe that because I have NO SUSPICIOUS Recurrent breast cancer my insurance considers me not eligible for this very important test? Makes no sense!
  • Ultrasound: Done

  • CT of the Abdomen and chest: Done

  • BONE SCAN: Done

Oncologist Appointment next week to discuss
Tamoxifen pill that I do not like!!! Can we say... Menopause!!!!
all other test results.
Results: TBA