Sunday, December 9, 2012

Great News!

Great news for me...  Peace of mind and very blessed.  I know not to ever take my health for granted.  I am so grateful for being healthy.  Makes taking the yucky drug tamoxifen for 5 years worth it!!!   xoxo!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Check up's that never will end...

I follow up with my oncologist about every 4 months.  I think because the cancer went to my lymph nodes it's more often than the "norm",  However, it feels like it will never end.  I guess I have to get to my 5 year anniversary before my doctor will back off to every 8-10 months.  So after this followup it has led to another Scan which will be tomorrow.  An appointment I dread because it's always the "unknown" and waiting for the Radiologist to come in and say..."things look good".  So I will say I'm a little up tight tonight.  Just for that reason.  Results TBA! Wish me luck!