Friday, September 23, 2011


Maya made it to the PCH stroller. She was able to let her leg hang down for several hours. Really a huge milestone. The doctors did not feel this part of recovery would come til 2 weeks post op. She is well. Sore. But such a spit fire! She is not to nice to the doctors poking and checking vitals but I dont blame her. We are truly blessed tonight. We are truly grateful. Life is good after many trials. Love to everyone!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 2 at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Long Night! She had a hard time with moving in bed to get comfortable. Lots of doctors coming in to check on her which kept her sleep broken. She met with the PT today and she tried her hardest to get the courage to move to a wagon and be taken around the 6th floor. Her spirits started to change after she was out of her room. She began to talk more and actually ask me questions. I really believe that their was a part of her today that thought she was going to be in the hospital bed forever. I came into the room from talking with the nurse this morning and found her favorite blanket over her head crying her eyes out. She said she didn't hurt. I think she truly was sad. So tonight Maya was moved out of ICU and is trying to cooperate and take some of her meds orally. Morphine tends to cause other issues and the doctors want her to try and move or sit up and they feel Tylenol will allow her to be a little more alert. Lets just say that is not working.... So for now she is good, I am good and again Thank You friends for all your loving support.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Maya's 1st Day at Phoenix Childrens

Maya's surgery was a success! Her left hip was repositioned and put in place for it to grow properly and allow the muscle to grow as well! She is a strong one! This will be a long road for her. . She is in quite a bit of pain especially when they move her. Hard to put into words the sadness I have felt. My heart just broke when she begged me to not leave her. Life is such a Challenge... And I have tons of them. But I sure love the friends and family that come to my rescue when I need the support. I will post day 2 tomorrow. Love to you all

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Trial in My Life

I mentioned a while ago in my previous post that my little Maya will have several surgeries within the next year. Next Monday she will have her first surgery on her left hip to help repair the hip and muscle that is not growing properly. This is her today getting another xray of her hip before the surgery date...

Sad to say this will be a 3 hour surgery with a long recovery followed by a metal plate to be removed months later.

I thought I could handle my issues that I've experienced but this is killing me more that I ever thought it would. As the days get closer I can hardly process my thoughts.

Today she had her preop. We went over all the things that will take place. She will have a wheelchair delivered Saturday. This will be quite a Journey. Have I mentioned before that I am so tired of Doctors/ Appointments/ Doctors/ Doctors/ Doctors????

One Day at a time...