Sunday, April 29, 2012

6 Week Post Op...Maya's New's...

Maya went to see her orthopedic surgeon a few weeks ago and according to her xrays she is healing and the "hardware" in her hip is doing well.  However, I had noticed that the leg that was worked on turns out as if she was in 2nd position in ballet.  I kept thinking that it was because her muscle was cut and it needed to get stronger.  So when I brought it to the doctors attention he had her walk for him and then he said that when he did surgery he saw that the ball socket is much flatter than a normal ball in the hip.  This is part of dysplisa. 

As Maya grows and gets bigger her bones form differently than a normal bone would.  He feels that this might be another surgery for Maya in the near future.  My heart was broken and sick!  This means 2 more possible surgeries for her.  I just wanted to get her in as best walking condition as I could for next year when she goes to Kindergarten.  Not in my plans I guess!  Maya will see her doctor in a few weeks to get sort of a plan for her future surgeries.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maya's 1st step

It's been 4 weeks post op for Maya.  She started taking steps last Thursday.  She is not 100% stable without her walker but she is doing great!  Because both legs were effected this time with surgery she is a little slower in her healing process.  We are so proud of her.  More updates to come!
Just watch her!!!!