Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Going to Walk 60 miles....November 2011

Remember this? Remember when I was the 1 in 8 diagnosed with Breast Cancer? Please Help Me! I've decided to give back!


I'm a Mother, a Wife and a Breast Cancer Survivor. I was diagnosed with this disease in November 2008 I was 37. Since then I have had 9 surgeries and gone through Chemotherapy and Radiation. Many ups and downs with this experience. I have decided to walk 60 miles in San Diego Ca in November 2011 to raise awareness and help cure this disease.

In order for me to participate I will be asking my friends and family to help me raise
$ 2,300 dollars. I know it sounds like a lot. I was a little nervous about committing to this. However, I feel very strong that I need to give back to this cure. It's because of the current research that has been done now … I am ALIVE. Without my doctors, nurses and the medical profession I really do not know what I would have done. I will begin to ask each of you for your help. I will begin training in March. I will keep you all posted.

If you choose to donate this is where your money could go!

$35 (The cost of patient transportation to a treatment session.)

$60 (Supporting me 3-Day walker for MY 60-mile journey.)

$120 (The cost of a life-saving mammogram.)

$250 (There are 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in America.)

$585 (The average 3-Day walker will walk 585 miles while training.)

$1150 (Get your 3-Day walker halfway to their fundraising goal.)

You can donate ANY amount it doesn't matter! All that matters is that I raise 2300 so I can go!

Go to my donation page or the 3 day icon on my blog
Love you all...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Discovering Strength and Agility...

I've been working out my arm and back off and on for almost 10 months. Doing my own stretches, taking classes etc. Today when I started stretching and doing sit ups I was amazed how within 1 year Ive gained back most of my strength and agility. It will never be a 100% but I'll take what I have.

If you look closely you can see where they dug the breast tissue so deep that I have a huge sunken in arm pit. I have to say the sensation to clean or shave under there feels so weird I always dread doing that morning chore. (Maya was doctoring on me while I was doing some sit ups see the stethoscope?) I'm able to straighten out my arm completely while laying down without any hesitation or resistance. When they took my back muscle I lost so much strength and flexibility that stretching my arm was impossible. All I have to say is I never thought I'd come this far.
Originally I didn't choose to have Latissimus Dorsi Flap surgery (the latissimus dorsi muscle is the most powerful muscle of the back). Who would? It's invasive and has a long recovery but I really wanted to make it right and feel put together again. This was my only option because of the sever radiation burn. All I have to say is TiMe has healed me. Thank you Lord for giving me the strength and high tolerance for pain to get through it.

I have to push myself to do these exercises though. Push Ups are KiLLeR!

My doctor said If I didn't do Pilate's or some type of exercise I would loose my strength and agility.

When times are tough it does get better I'm proof of it!


Monday, February 14, 2011

It's All About L O V E

This year I made a very special effort to celebrate Valentines with my family. I have very little memory of the last 2 Valentines Day do to treatments and surgeries so I really wanted to make a fun memory for my little ones and Mitch too!

Last week we started making Valentines for classmates and cousins. After school I had lots of treats ready for them and they watched A Charlie Brown Valentine DVD ,

Maya dressed herself this morning. Surprisingly it was PiNK the perfect color for today!

Maya helped me make cookies for the kids and tie their Valentines with ribbon!

Fun Day...Special Day... It's All About Love...


Friday, February 4, 2011

I use to Think...

I don’t like to rehash what it was like during my chemo treatments but I remember when I would lay in the guest bedroom with the door shut hoping I could just sleep and not have to "think" but with the all chemicals in my body it caused a lot of insomnia. One day I was lying in bed thinking I should start putting all my Christmas photos that were sent to me (that I saved and put in a drawer) in an album. But at that time I had no will power or desire to do something like that. It's amazing how "time" really heals things. This week I went through all my Christmas photos I've had for YEARS and put them in photo albums. That album is sitting in a room for me to always look at. These photos mean a lot to me. They are the friends and family that took care of me when I was in a dark place for many months. So glad that dark place has lifted.