Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I did it! I really did it! I completed this year's 2011 Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk in San Diego. I have not had any type of shoes on except for flip flops since last Sunday

I arrived at the Opening Ceremony at 4:15 am.

When I got to the entrance. There was a tent on a table to be signed for those who have lost their lives. I walked over to the table and signed it.

The name: Sandra Simmons. I never met her. She never met me. About 1 month before the walk I needed 135$$ to meet my goal. A person donated that amount. I didn't know this person but later found out that the donor was the son of Sandra Simmons. He lost his mom a year ago and was deeply effected by this. He wanted to "give back" and so I made sure I walked for her in her honor. I signed the "remembrance tent" which will now travel throughout the United States to different cities that will display and honor those who have past away. I was so grateful for this opportunity and I will never forget it.

My sweet friend Brianne. I love this girl! She has walked so far in 3 different cities.

Dallas, Phoenix and now San Diego. She has raised the money to walk all by herself. Her mother passed away from Breast Cancer over a year ago and so we walked in honor of her too! Love you Shelly! I know you were watching your children walk those 60 miles and were so proud of them.

I made several posters for people who died. Sandra was one of them!

At the end of the day I got to say I did 20 miles without stopping and my team did to! They were so supportive and funny! I laughed most of the time because It kept me from crying when my feet burned to the core!

The experience that day was overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Emotions that I just can't explain. Being part of the opening ceremonies were uplifting and in a sense somewhat spiritual. Meeting other survivors and having them share their stories has help validate how I have felt at times. Sitting down never felt so good.

I had no idea how hard day 2 was going to be.

Day 2: tbc

Saturday, November 26, 2011

So Very Thankful

3 years ago a large needle was placed in my breast and cells were sucked out.

The results Breast Cancer. Surgeon felt that it had not spread to lymph nodes.

Cells sent to pathology during my surgery to remove my breast.

Results= Positive=5 lymph nodes affected. Surgeon was wrong.

Today I am here to say how Truly Thankful I am for my life!

I walked last week 60 hard miles with hard terrain, rain and a sprang ankle.

Worth every step. I never stopped and I had great support from my team and friends who cheered me on the entire time.

So much to say and I will post soon.

But for today I am Thankful.

3day tbc

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Packing for the 3 Day

Not at all a camper.... Never really camped in my whole life! this is going to be interesting.

Been told 2 things you must have. Monkey Butt Power for everything on my body and GLIDE for anything that rubs together.

For each day I have my clothes packed in Ziploc bags so when 5 am comes around I just grab a bag and get ready for the next 20miles!

A Huge Thank You to my friends who have supported me with this! Never could have done it without you. I will keep you all posted with emails and pictures of my 60 mile Journey

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Go Maya Go!

This video is 4 weeks after surgery. She was at Football practice. She stood up and said "I want to walk"

Now 2 weeks later she is:

Riding her Tricycle
Climbing up the slide
Standing on a chair
Going to the bathroom by herself
Getting down from the bar stool all by herself

No wheel Chair
No walker

Going to Preschool


Tells me her leg doesn't hurt "anymore"

Today we met with the Ortho Doctor. He just shook his head. He believes it's a Miracle she has recovered so quickly.

We already scheduled her 2nd surgery in March... ugh...

Greatest feeling to know my little one is doing so well.