Monday, October 7, 2013

How I was Diagnosed


This is what I blogged about the 1st time I kinda knew something wasn't right...5 years ago. Here are my thoughts then...This was the beginning of my story

I mentioned to my doctor that I felt a little tenderness in one breast everytime I went for a run and wore a sports bra.. He said it was probably fibrocystic and if I wanted I could have mamo... I'm only 37 what do I have to loose? Heck! my insurance pays for ONE Baseline Mamo before age 40 so why not? I HAD NO LUMPS, BUMPS, Nothing, etc,,,etc,,,
  • Well a few weeks later I decided to go do it and thought nothing of it. 1 week later I got the call they found microcalfications (speckles all over the breast) which looked highly malignant. What? Microcalfications! Malignant! Many people say microcalifications are nothing to worry about so I didn't.
  • Another week later I met with a surgeon and before I knew it I had a scheduled sterotaticbiopsy. STAT!
  • Results: Cancer, some contained and some not! Which means it has spread and I will have to have surgery and possible treatment.
Again I can not believe this... I guess you could say I'm some what in denial but I guess this is how I can keep a positive attitude since my life will be on hold for a while. Mixed feelings flowing threw my mind.. My children, My Husband, what in the world!!!! Life can be so challenging. Never Ending...

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