Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What did Chemo do to me?

By my 2nd treatment of chemo I really starting feeling the effects.  Back then I had written down what the 2nd treatment did to me and how I felt about myself.  Chemo not only physically makes you sick but mentally you start to break away from the real world and go into your very own!   I now realize that all these effects were very common with those going through Breast Cancer treatment.  At that time I just thought it was just me!

Below are my thoughts.

1/2009 This week I haven't felt all that bad... I was Eating, Sleeping and Taking Kids To School! But I have to say my spirits are low... I keep telling myself that this is totally normal!   How can someone with Cancer and going through Chemo  always be in good spirits and feel normal?   Here is my wish list 

I wish that sometimes...

1. People did not look at me funny!

2. That I could touch my head in the shower... When I wash my head I do it very quickly because it still feels weird to me!

3. I could taste flavorful food.

4. I did not have sleeping problems.

5. I did not gain weight! I thought for sure I'd loose but the steroid makes me retain water and want FATING FOOD!

6. I could get up in the morning feeling like I want to face the children.

7. I could stand Noise.

8. I could concentrate

9. I could get use to the WIG

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