Monday, June 1, 2015

The C word never goes away,,,

This is me almost 6 year after final treatment of Radiation.  After Radiation came lots of surgeries so I wont count it in this post.

I've had the opportunity to work 1st hand with women nation wide helping them through support and services such as providing them with prosthesis and bras. Such a small thing to people I realize... However,,,, when you are in the "survival" mode and someone can reach out and say let me help you with some things that I feel will help you while heading into this journey it's worth 
all the money in the world!

 I've witness lots of tears of sadness and joy in my last years of providing help and  one thing we as survivors all have in common is the C word.  Even though I'm on the mend in life and doing well the C word  never goes away.  I can speak for hundreds of other ladies that they feel the same way.

Although I'm getting stronger and have moved on in my little world. I still see how life is still so precious and fragile.

Yesterday I complained about having to go "workout" and I had a bit of an attitude.   Immediately the  C word came into my thoughts...  this was the thought that came after..... "at least you get to workout and have the strength to do so!"  So with that said... no complaints here~ I will keep plugging along and moving forward with the C word in my life because I know I'm not alone...

Love to all my survivors and friends.

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